for|tune «FR chuhn», noun, verb, -tuned, -tun|ing.
1. a great deal of money or property; riches; wealth: »

He made a fortune in oil.

2. what happens; luck; chance: »

Fortune was against us; we lost. ... the vicissitudes of fortune which spares neither man nor the proudest of his works (Edward Gibbon).

3. good luck; success; prosperity: »

May fortune attend you!

4. what is going to happen to a person; fate: »

Gypsies often claim that they can tell people's fortunes.

SYNONYM(S): destiny, lot.
5. position in life as determined by wealth; standing: »

A youth to fortune and to fame unknown (Thomas Gray).

6. Archaic. a woman of fortune; heiress: »

He is secretly married to a great fortune (Sir Richard Steele).

to provide with a fortune.
Archaic. to happen by chance.
[< Old French fortune, learned borrowing from Latin fortūna < fors, fortis chance]
For|tune «FR chuhn», noun.
the personification of chance, usually regarded as a goddess who distributes good and bad luck to people without plan: »

I care not, Fortune, what you me deny (James Thomson).

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